The Tech at CEGX

CEGX develops and commercialises unique sequencing technologies that easily integrate into existing sequencing and compute platforms. They enable more information to be read from DNA.


Our products combine lab kits for DNA library preparation and software to provide interpretable sample-level information.

The products CEGX are making available this year enable the unambiguous identification of five or six letters of DNA – four genetic bases (G-A-T-C) plus the epigenetic letters 5mC and 5hmC – in a single sequencing workflow with low DNA requirement and at high accuracy.

The technology has been validated by world-leading research institutions and is now employed in multiple research programmes through early access programs

The products from these platforms are now available for purchase and will be followed by the launch of additional multi-omic products. Further technology platforms are in development supported by CEGX’s extensive IP portfolio and our team’s deep expertise, addressing emerging opportunities in research and medicine.