CEGX Team presents at AGBT 2023

Representatives from our R&D team presented 3 posters at the Advances in Genome Biology & Technology General Meeting in Hollywood, Florida.
FEB 2023

5 Letter sequencing & tangible improvements to health care

CEGX CSO Joanna Holbrook recently appeared on Precision Medicine Forum Podcast
Nov 2022

CEGX Team Published in Nature Biotechnology!

We are extremely proud to announce that our paper 'Simultaneous sequencing of genetic and epigenetic bases in DNA’ has been published by the journal Nature Biotechnology.
FEB 2023

CEGX presents sequencing technology at EACR Seville

Innovative Cancer Science 'CEGX scientists discussed novel sequencing technology for early cancer detection'
June 2022

Customer Interview - Cambridge Epigenetix - Analytik Ltd

We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Gary Yalloway and Dr. Julia Vivian, Senior Scientists at Cambridge Epigenetix on LM20 Microfluidizer®.
Nov 2022

Cambridge Epigenetix Names Peter Fromen as Chief Executive Officer

Genomics Veteran to Lead Company Which Has a Commercial-Ready Novel Technology Platform that Can Realize the Largely Untapped Contribution of Epigenetics to Human Health
June 2022

CEGX presents sequencing technology at Biology of Genomes 2022

CEGX scientists discussed novel technology at genomics conference in Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory
May 2022

Guardian Epigenetics Article

Epigenetics, the misunderstood science that could shed new light on ageing
Oct 2021

Series B funding – Google Ventures

Google Ventures leads $21M Series B in bioscience company Cambridge Epigenetix
March 2016

Our Founder on Decoding DNA

Radio 4 Interview with Shankar Balasubramanian
March 2022

Trinity in Japan Video Interview

Sir Shankar Balasubramanian, inventor of Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS)
Oct 2021

Series D Funding

Cambridge Epigenetix Raises $88 Million Series D Financing
Nov 2021

Article from Cancer Research UK Website

The award-winning researcher behind next generation sequencing (NGS)
Oct 2021