We are transforming the utilisation of epigenetics, alongside genetics, to pioneer new sequencing and diagnostic tools to revolutionise cancer diagnosis.

Over time we plan to extend the application of our tools to other clinical modalities including dementia and inflammatory diseases.

Precision Medicine

Diagnostic development

Utilising the power of 5hmC to develop minimally invasive diagnostic assays for diseases with significant unmet need.

Biomarker Discovery

Our diagnostic development process

In addition to our in-house diagnostic development programs, we partner with selected biopharma companies to accelerate the benefits of epigenetic medicine.

Diagnostic Development Process

  • Experimental Design

    Experimental Design

    Our project teams are assembled based on the specific needs of each individual biomarker development programme and draw on in-house expertise as well as our global network of collaborators. We develop and utilise the most cutting-edge epigenetic sequencing technologies for all of our diagnostic discovery projects.

  • Sample collection and preparation

    Sample collection and preparation

    The collection of carefully characterised samples is of paramount importance to the delivery of robust biomarkers. Through our pedigree as the world’s leading epigenetics technology company, we have built close relationships with distinguished clinical research institutions worldwide, extending our knowledge base and providing unrivalled access to well-characterised sample collections for biomarker development. Every sample undergoes rigorous quality assessment with full reports to enable the generation of meaningful results. Our proprietary epigenetic analysis technologies have been proven to work with sample amounts as low as 1 ng, allowing sensitive detection of epigenetic DNA modifications from all sample types including cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) from liquid biopsy samples.

  • Sequencing


    At Cambridge Epigenetix, sequencing is literally in our DNA. The company was founded by Professor Sir Shankar Balasubramanian, co-inventor of the world’s leading high-throughput sequencing technology, to develop new techniques for the accurate analysis of 5hmC and other epigenetic DNA modifications. We have developed novel sequencing protocols specifically tailored to the accurate analysis of epigenetic modifications for biomarker discovery.

  • Bioinformatic analysis

    Bioinformatic analysis

    Our experienced Bioinformatics team is at the vanguard of epigenetic analysis and biomarker discovery. We tailor our tried-and-tested analysis pipelines that have been validated through our own in-house biomarker development programmes to suit each specific project, ensuring the delivery of robust biomarkers. Our data analysis workflows are backed up by a fully integrated, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, which is underpinned by stringent data security procedures.

  • Biomarker validation

    Biomarker validation

    Using our automated high-throughput workflows and bioinformatics expertise, we are able to accurately and rapidly validate putative biomarkers on hundreds to thousands of samples. We optimise the number of samples required to deliver cost-effective analysis with the highest confidence in results.

  • Clinical development and deployment

    Clinical development and deployment

    We develop and analytically validate all of our diagnostic assays to ensure robust, comparable clinical validation results. Furthermore, our strong strategic relationships with selected clinical research institutions enable us to deliver full biomarker validation.

Our Technologies

Our disruptive epigenetics discovery platform enables the identification of sensitive and disease-specific epigenetic marks from liquid biopsy and tissue samples.

Our Technologies
Assay Validation

An expert team

Our team combines vast experience of epigenetics technology innovation and diagnostic development expertise.

Our Team

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