Cambridge Epigenetix is a DNA sequencing tools and technology company founded in 2012

More information from DNA

DNA is not just G-A-T-C

• Biology is complex and dynamic.
• DNA information is multi-layered.
• The epigenome reveals dynamic information and requires repeat sampling.
• The epigenome and the genome interact.
• Multiple-omic measurement provides more complete biological insights.

Our Leadership

CEGX develops products for academia and industry, democratizing step-changes in accuracy and cost.

We are Multi-disciplinary

We combine deep expertise in sequencing chemistry, molecular biology, enzymology, informatics, software development, data science and genomic pipelines with innovation and engagement with the scientific community

Our Technology

Our single-workflow multi-omic sequencing technologies are highly accurate, cost effective and easy to use

Why It Matters

Our technologies enable many areas of biology and medicine including liquid biopsy, research into the diseases of ageing and precision medicine

Our Company News