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We harness the power of epigenetics

What we do

Cambridge Epigenetix is pioneering new sequencing and diagnostic tools to revolutionise cancer diagnosis and therapeutics, using the power of the 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) epigenetic modification and the other epigenetic variants of 5-methylcytosine, alongside genetics..

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Epigenetics is vital

Why we do it

Our proprietary discovery platform enables the identification of disease-specific hydroxymethylated (5hmC) DNA from blood and tissue samples — enhancing human health through more accurate and earlier diagnosis, improved patient stratification and the development of liquid biopsy-based tests.

Reproductive Health

Our approach & capabilities

Partner and Pioneer

We focus on the 5hmC epigenetic modification and have a patent protected platform for detection of highly accurate signatures for a variety of diseases using this mark.


Research Tools

Developing proprietary technology to enhance epigenetics research.


Diagnostic Development

Delivering the next generation of diagnostic assays.



Identifying novel therapeutic targets in collaboration with Pharma.

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Disruptive technologies to improve human health

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Investing in the future

Cambridge Epigenetix's pioneering work and unrivaled capabilities in harnessing epigenetic insights will unleash the potential of precision medicine.

Our Investors

Roelof F. Botha

Sequoia Capital

Tom Hulme


Somu Subramaniam

New Science Ventures

Alice Newcombe-Ellis

Ahren Innovation Capital



Together, we will make disease optional, not inevitable

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